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Potato market is growing

The futures market for the old potato harvest remained at a good price today. With a closing price for the April contract of € 7.00. The expiry date is approaching, but the undervaluation has again been turned into a slight premium this week.

Last week the CS price dropped to € 6.40. But this week, due to the stronger mood in Belgium, the listing will probably be able to Plush again. PCA / Fiwap raised the listing for Fontane and Challenger to € 5.00 to € 7.50 (+0.50) with fixed vote. PotatoNL also had a small plus on Tuesday, Fries suitable Category 1 recorded € 6.00 to € 7.50 (+0.13). Category 2 remained at € 6.50 to € 8.50. The new harvest was fixed and increased to € 17.50.

The market was supported by the area forecast of PCA/Fiwap. In the coming season, this organisation expects a reduction of 10 percent for the whole of Belgium. Flanders will shrink 11.6 percent in French fries and Wallonia 9.3 percent. Only in early cultivation an expansion of 2.5 percent is foreseen.

The present harvest is estimated at 1.77 million tonnes at the beginning of April. The Belgian stock is thus at the same level as last year. Only a quarter of the current stock is available, this is less than normal. The reason for this is the disappointing yields and the higher quantities contracted.

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