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Kondaa to be launched 8 May

Kondaa, the fastest and highest roller coaster in the Benelux, will be ready for the opening of Walibi Belgium on 8 May. The spectacular megacoaster and the surrounding area, “Exotic World” are the most important investment you ever make in the history of the park.

From Saturday 8 May a visit to Walibi is finally possible again. The outside Plan then comes into effect. The park is still waiting for the ministerial decision to clarify the opening arrangements.

Meanwhile Walibi doubles the good opening news because on 8 May the public will also be able to meet the long-awaited megacoaster, Kondaa; a product of the Swiss roller coaster manufacturer Intamin.

The roller coaster towers 50m high above the park and rages over a 1.2 km course at a top speed of 113km/h. The roller coaster gets 2 trains with 6 2-person carts per train. We arrive at a capacity of 1080 people per hour.

This remarkable attraction also breaks two World Records: Kondaa is the megacoaster with the most number of different course elements and the first megacoaster with 15 air-time moments! That is the feeling of weightlessness; the speed lifts you out of your seat. A visitor will hardly touch his seat 1/3 of the time he or she spends in Kondaa. Kondaa is located in a brand new zone: Exotic World. An area of 4.5 ha was added to the park.

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