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Aalst residents got face masks fit for a cow

In Aalst in Belgium – and also in many other East Flemish municipalities – hilarity has arisen about the mouth masks that the city distributed to residents. “The mouth masks are a bit large and look more like sheets,” says someone on Facebook. Aalst ordered the mouth masks via a group purchase from the province of East Flanders.

The Belgians had to wait a long time, but on Monday the first mouth masks were finally distributed in Aalst. Although the question is whether the inhabitants will actually use them. The mask is intended to cover your nose and mouth, but those in Aalst cover the entire face of most people.

The huge masks caused a lot of hilarity on social media.

“Protects mouth and nose, but you run into everything,” “I think politicians with a big mouth have modelled this cap. Seriously serious … a waste of our tax money “and” They are just sheets, “Belgians say on social media.

Thanks Aalst for the free bikini, “a woman on Facebook poses with two mouth caps for her breasts. Residents massively poke fun at the mouth masks by posting photos.

The online laughter did not escape the mayor of Aalst, Christophe D’Haese. He is absolutely not satisfied with the mouth masks.

The last word has not yet been said about our mouth masks, unfortunately. The order contains mouth masks that – to put it mildly – are (too) large in size. Now it may be that they are quite easy to adjust, it remains a farce and not what we asked for.

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