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Air ovens in Belgium not the first choice for home consumption of fries

Airfryers and similar air rotary ovens are becoming more popular at the expense of regular home frying. However: for fresh fries, the consumer prefers to go to the fryer around the corner or have a delivery fryer come.

In the story of the growing popularity of “airfryers”, recent sales figures of were cited. 67 percent more airfryers were sold in the first half of this year, compared to the first six months of 2020. Sales of home fryers via the online shop were just 13 percent lower.

A spokeswoman for supermarket brand Colruyt confirms the trend, especially when it comes to pre-packaged snacks. In the case of pre-packaged snacks from the supermarket, home preparation via the air-Rotary ovens comes first. This is by no means the case with packaged fries. It’s estimated that seven out of every ten consumers in this case choose fries that must be prepared via a fryer, and therefore in frying fat.

Professor of food marketing and consumer behaviour Wim Verbeke of Ghent University says that people at home prefer not to work themselves to make fresh fries from potatoes. According to him, it simply takes too much time and hassle. Verbeke States: “people then quickly choose the ease of use and go to the fryer around the corner or order fries at home, a remnant of the corona lockdowns.”

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