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An open letter in Brussels Express welcoming Fresh MEPs to Brussels

Dear MEP,

A brand new European Parliament has been already chosen. Some MEPs will remain in Brussels, others will finally have various responsibilities in their own countries.

Whatever the future holds for you and your own staff, we really hope that you attempt to keep up to date in what’s happening in Brussels — we expect you can do it by reading the online newspaper Brussels Express.

Don’t be afraid to follow us regular on face-book @Brussels-express ( or directly via our site

Moreover, if you want to contribute or write about your adventures in Brussels, please do not hesitate to get in touch in: [email protected]

Send us your own article, a picture, which is it!

We are a rapidly growing online paper, which is accumulated more and more views and readers every month. Last June, for instance, we had 98.999 viewpoints!

A number of you probably have heard people. But also for those of you who haven’t, here is our networking kit:

We expect to know more from you — and which you just hear more from us — in the long term!



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