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Apex Data Storage Services available in Belgium

Dell Technologies brings its storage service offering to our country with the introduction of Apex Data Storage Services.

Dell Technologies launches Apex Storage Services in our country. That solution is part of the manufacturer’s Apex offering, in which customers can use and pay for hardware within a cloud-inspired financial model. In other words, you pay periodically based on consumption.

Within Dell Apex Data Storage Services, Dell remains the owner of the infrastructure and the company also takes care of the maintenance. Customers pay for what they use and have the ability to scale the infrastructure to their current needs.
Central console

Dell provides multiple flavours of the offer, each for terms of a minimum of one to a maximum of five years. Contracts are therefore not as flexible as with a real cloud provider. Management and configuration is done through the Central Apex Console, where customers find a cloud-like experience.

The solution is ideal for backups via Backup Target: a part of Apex Storage Services. With this, customers themselves manage their backups on Apex hardware and thus according to a consumption model. Dell works with local partners for Apex, who can take on the role of implementation partner.

Apex and all its variations are an important part of Dell Technologies ‘ strategy to market its hardware in a way that is competitive with what major cloud providers offer today. Dell is not alone in that plan. On the contrary: competitor HPE pioneered the strategy with HPE GreenLake.

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