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Back to school after corona: educational umbrella organizations want to evaluate students on their disadvantage and mental status

Catholic Education and Community Education want to evaluate all pupils at the start of the school year, to see how they are doing with their learning delay and their mental state. That writes De Standaard. Teachers can choose exactly how they will do the evaluation.

Not to school, digital distance learning, partly back to school. It was something for the school-going youth in our country. Not every student will return from that period in the same way. Some will have built up a real learning gap, some may have suffered emotional damage during lockdown or returned to school with little sense.

It may concern tests, but also group work or conversations
Raymonda Verdyck, Community Education

The educational umbrella organizations want to get a quick overview of which pupils have which needs, and therefore recommend that schools evaluate their pupils at the start of the school year. They can choose exactly how the teachers do this. “There is a whole range of possibilities. It can be tests, but also group work or conversations”, says Raymonda Verdyck of Community Education. “We know there will be big differences between what students have acquired. It is a practice that we have in other school years. Now it will be more intense. We need to know where extra support is needed and what to focus on to make it happen. learn to be able to continue. ”

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