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Belgium announced funny Christmas rules

What was to be expected and feared was decided: there will hardly be any relaxation for Christmas and New Year. The Consultation Committee made room for more contact only for single people. They’re not allowed to have two cuddly contacts, but they’re allowed to invite two people at once.

On 24 or 25 December (not both) single people are allowed to celebrate Christmas with three. This makes them the only category to have a slight relaxation of the social COVID-19 measures. For furthermore, it will be a year-end period that will be one for many as never before. Couples and families may not allow more than one hug contact in the House.

Single people are allowed to let two people in. However, they should be careful to apply the new rule correctly. It was wrongly leaked before the press conference began that single people would have two cuddly contacts for Christmas. That doesn’t seem right.

What has been decided? A single person was always allowed to invite one close contact and one extra contact (at a safe distance) to his or her home. But normally, you can’t do that at the same time: you have to choose between your cuddle contact or your “just” contact. On Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day, single people will now have an exception: both contacts will be allowed in together. Not on both nights, but on one or the other. The’ regular ‘ contact should still be at a safe distance of one and a half meters, even after a few glasses of champagne. So sharing desserts can only be done with the cuddle contact.

This exception does not apply to New Year’s Eve or New Year’s.

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