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Belgium introduces strict border crossing rules

Only travellers who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will not have to undergo quarantine and COVID-19 tests in Belgium this summer. The responsible Belgian ministers agreed on Friday that those who have only received one dose of a two-shot vaccine should also undergo a test.

The rule applies, for example, to Dutch people who want to go on holiday in Belgium, but also to Belgian holidaymakers who return from abroad. People in transit, for example, who are on their way to France by car, did not already have to deal with quarantine and tests.

Children under 12 years of age do not need to be tested when they return from abroad.

Those who have been vaccinated will soon be able to prove this with the European coronavirus certificate. Belgium wants to start in less than two weeks with this travel certificate, which can show with a QR code that the carrier is vaccinated, tested negative or cured and therefore protected.

People who have returned from high-risk areas where hazardous coronamutaties p, case for ten days in quarantine, said the prime minister, Alexander De Croo, during the press conference. This also applies to people who have already been fully vaccinated, because the effectiveness of the vaccines has not been proven in all mutations.

Earlier, the government announced that Belgians who have not yet been fully vaccinated will be able to receive two free Coronation tests next summer. That’s one more than the Netherlands is planning.

Most coronavirus vaccines require two doses. The Janssen vaccine alone provides adequate protection after a single injection. Many Dutch and Belgians expect to get their second shot later in the summer.

Neighbouring countries such as France and most probably the Netherlands also require full vaccination from travellers; otherwise they will not escape quarantine and a test.

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