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Belgium-NL border


Belgium opens border for shopping and family visits, asks travellers to exercise common sense

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The Belgian government has decided that borders will be open both for visits to neighbouring countries and shopping. The easing of quarantine rules has been taken from a practical point of view for people living in the border region.

Beginning from Saturday visits are not restricted by family affairs. Shopping in Belgium is also allowed again. Belgians can also travel to neighbouring countries themselves to go shopping too.

It is the next step in the easing of previously imposed strict measures. ..we appeal to the common sense of the people and their sense of responsibility.

Government of Belgium

Visiting family or shopping on the other side of the country border was restricted since March 20. Belgium closed the borders for ‘non-essential movements’ to stem the spread of the coronavirus. It is still hard to estimate if the measure was right and what were the results of the quarantine.

Belgium was hit hard by the COVID-19. 58,186 people were infected and 9,453 died. The data for the neighbouring countries also looks disturbing:

  • In Netherlands 46,460 people caught the coronavirus, 5,970 deaths related to COVID-19 reported.
  • In France 188,752 were infected. The death toll is 28,774 so far.
  • In Germany 183,189 people were diagnosed with novel virus but ‘only’ 8,530 deaths were reported.
  • Luxembourg reported 4,016 total cases of infection. 110 of them were fatal.

Now as the spread of the virus is slowed down countries look for ways to ease the lockdown measures to improve citizen’s quality of life and economic conditions.

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