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Belgium sent illegal containers to Malaysian dumping ground

Malaysian Ministry of Environment has opened an investigation on seven illegal containers containing Dutch plastic waste that were sent to their country from Belgium, Netherlands KRO-NCRV reported on Saturday. 

NL Inspectorate of Environment and Transport (ILT) confirmed on Saturday that an investigation is underway. “This plastic waste was shipped from Antwerp. Even though a Dutch trader is  implicated, Belgium will therefore lead the investigation in which we will cooperate” NL spokesperson said.

The Malaysian Ministry argues that the containers were illegally shipped to their country. 

Western States often send plastic waste illegally to Malaysia under the pretext of being recycled, the ministry said. Probably because the waste treatment is cheaper. Plastic is burned or dumped illegally, polluting the air, groundwater and rivers. 

The Malaysian Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin denounced these practices last spring on the international media, warning that his country could not continue to be the dumping ground of the West.

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