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Belgium to introduce COVID-safe tickets

Major festivals may take place in Belgium from 13 August. The Belgian government announced on Tuesday that it wants to introduce a so-called Covid Safe Ticket for visitors, with which it can be shown that the festival-goer has been vaccinated or tested negative.

Belgium expects to have vaccinated almost everyone in September. Until then, the Belgian government wants to make it possible to organise mass events in a safe way.

The Covid Safe Ticket is a one-time document that can be used to prove that you have been vaccinated or have recently had a negative Coronation test. The document will only be used in Belgium and only for very large events.

One of the festivals that will use the Covid Safe Ticket is Pukkelpop. The organisation has been told that it can receive 66,000 visitors between 19 and 22 August, without having to keep distance.

Whether it is a physical or digital (for example an app) document is unclear. The design of the plan is similar to the Dutch app CoronaCheck, which also allows people to demonstrate that they have been tested negative for corona. The Lower House passed a law on Tuesday that allows access with a test certificate.

The Covid Safe Ticket should not be confused with the European Union’s green certificate, which will allow people to travel.

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