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Bizarre incident in Zaventem leaves many questions about ‘multicultural basis’

On Monday, officers secured a school in Zaventem, Belgium, where two quarrelling boys came under a train on Friday. One of them did not survive. Police are also present near the station.

The other victim was seriously injured, but according to the latest news is out of danger. The boy’s leg had to be amputated.

The police are present because of possible revenge actions, says school director Kurt Gommers in conversation with the Belgian radio program De Morgen.

“It will not be an ordinary day with us, but we are trying to open the school.”

Gommers himself says he has read reports about revenge actions, but says he does not know how big the threat is. However, the police are present as a precaution.

The incident in Zaventem happened during a fight between two groups of young people. That riot occurred near the station. The boys would then have gone to the station themselves.

The victims ended up on the railway, where at that time the high-speed train was passing from Germany. One of the boys was killed. The police had to come to the scene to get the situation under control.

Belgian media reported that four young people were arrested after the incident. One of them has been released immediately and three others are still suspects in the case.

Lawyer Mike De Witte, who assists one of them, says in conversation with De Morgen that the fatal fight had started at school. Gommers cannot confirm those statements.

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