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Corona measures weigh heavily on the elderly: “Our time is dimensioned”

Okra is concerned about growing loneliness as a result of the corona measures. The largest association for over-55s takes all kinds of initiatives to keep in touch with its members as much as possible. Yet more and more elderly people are becoming isolated because they are afraid of the corona virus and see few people. That is also what Radio 1 listener Noëla Reypens (74) says, who is concerned about her peers.

While the news this week was mainly dominated by the educational measures for young people, Radio 1 listener Noëla Reypens sent a message to our editorial staff. She noted that there has been little focus on seniors lately, while “our time is out,” she wrote.

“My peers may not dare to put it so hard, but I feel that there is a lot of fear. I think you have to face the fact that the time we still have to live is limited ”, she mentions the problem in“ The morning ”on Radio 1: (Read more under the audio)

Before the corona epidemic broke out, Reypens had hoped that she would be able to experience many things in the time that remains, together with family, grandchildren and friends. “But that has now been put a brake on,” she says.

Reypens still sees her grandchildren, especially the youngest. But the older grandchildren, the teenagers, see them much less because they are aware that they may pose a danger to their grandparents.

“They really keep their distance.” And that is difficult for Reypens. When a 13-year-old granddaughter came to pick up something a few weeks ago, the girl kept her distance, kept her face mask on and kept the visit very limited in time, as she is aware of the risks. “Very unfortunate, it hurts a bit”, Reypens admits.

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