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Excess mortality in Belgium at highest since WWII

More Belgians died in November than in any month since World War II. Already it has been established that 2020 will be the deadliest year since 1945, the Belgian newspaper writes The Standard Monday.

November is also not below April, when the first wave reached its peak. The second wave threatens to become as deadly as the first, even though the new wave seemed to be not so bad at first.

This year around 15 000 Belgians are likely to die more than could be expected due to old age, accidents and illness. The so-called over-mortality rate has not been so high in the last 65 years. Even if it is taken into account that the Belgian population is now much larger.

In December, the coronavirus will continue to raise the mortality rate. The virus, after weeks in which it was on its way, is again spreading around it. The number of new positive coronary tests is rising and the number of Belgians in the hospital is barely falling.

The measures in Belgium were relaxed at the beginning of this month, after they had just been tightened up a month earlier. Since 1 December, non-essential shops, including clothing and furniture, have been open again in the country. It was also announced at the same time that households can invite up to one ‘cuddle contact’ at Christmas.

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