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Is Antwerp’s peak in new coronavirus cases is already behind?

Monday’s figures on the number of new infections with the novel coronavirus show a modest fall in the number of people testing positive in Antwerp Province. The news that the number of new cases in Antwerp Province has started to fall came from Professor Steven Van Gucht. Professor Van Gucht was speaking at a press conference by the public health science institute Sciencsano on Monday morning.

This could be an indication that the peak is behind us and if Monday’s figures become a trend that a second wave of coronavirus infections could possibly be averted.

In the country as a whole the exponential rise in the number of new infections appear to have stopped for the time being at least. Nevertheless, the number of new infections is still increasing, albeit last sharply during the past few days.

The Brussels-Capital Region is the epicentre of the pandemic when it comes to the number of new hospital admissions. One in three people that ae being hospitalised with COVID-19 are being admitted to hospitals in Brussels. Currently 285 COVID-19 patients are being cared for in Belgian hospitals. 69 of these are on intensive care wards.

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