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Jan Doms glass wagon found its place in beautiful surroundings

No place could be found In the Railway Zone in Tilburg, but the glass Wagon of the Tilburg artist Jan Doms has found a beautiful final destination. On Sunday the artwork was unveiled at the Verbeke Foundation in Belgium.

The 12-metre-long glass train set was constructed in 1999 by the Tilburg artist on behalf of Luyck’s Gallery (galerie Kathareze). In the Art Gallery at Nieuwlandstraat, the wagon served as a project space for many years. Later, the object on the steel wheels could be admired during a series of exhibitions in the polygonal shed in the railway zone, before it has to be rebuilt.

In the Tilburg art world there were then voices to give the object a permanent place in the railway zone, but the municipality indicated that no suitable place could be found for this. It would also be too expensive to make the artwork ‘vandal proof’. The Museum of the Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke, near Antwerp, offered to give the glass wagon a nice place in the garden full of special sculptures and art objects. Sunday the car was unveiled. Doms was extremely satisfied with the final destination of his car. ,, A fantastic place in beautiful surroundings.”

The first visitors are introduced to the glass Wagon of Jan Doms.

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