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Jürgen Conings still at large, no traces of the fugitive corporal found

The fugitive Belgian military Jürgen Conings has not been found in a new search. Since Thursday morning, 300 soldiers and 120 policemen searched again for the wanted corporal in a nature reserve near the Dutch Limburg border. In the park Hoge Kempen were” just to be safe ” some stuff seized.

Conings is targeting ‘virologists’ and  the regime and has been missing for some time. The authorities see him capable of murder. Conings is said to be targeting Flemish virologist Marc Van Ranst, who has been in hiding for ten days with his family.

Thursday’s search with the help of experts was targeted, a Belgian spokesperson said to go rather without going into detail.

The 46-year-old corporal has extreme right-wing sympathies and brought heavy weapons from an army warehouse. Meanwhile, a twelfth soldier followed by the intelligence services has been denied access to weapons depots and other sensitive places. That’s 11 so far.

Conings was also on a list of the Belgian organisation for Threat Analysis OCAD because of his extreme thinking, with 27 other soldiers now. They are not punished for having expressed a political opinion, stressed Minister of Defence Ludivine Dedonder in parliament, where she received a lot of criticism.


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