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Keep Vlaams Belang in quarantine, Jewish organization urges

The ‘cordon sanitaire’ around Vlaams Belang is “more necessary than ever,” a major Jewish organisation said on Thursday, one day after King Philippe received the president of the extreme-right party, the big winner in Sunday’s election in Belgium.

The Centre communautaire laïc juif (CCLJ) fears that the ‘cordon sanitaire’ placed around Vlaams Belang is being called into question since the election.

During the last election campaign, the party distributed propaganda under the slogan of “Eerst ONZE mensen” (OUR people first), the CCLJ recalled, analysing this as meaning “us against them, us against the Francophones, us against the Walloons, us against the foreigners, us against the Muslims.”

“Through its anti-democratic and subversive nature, Vlaams Belang fully justifies the maintenance of the exceptional measure that is the cordon sanitaire,” stressed the CCLJ.

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