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Latest News: Coronavirus cases increased by 11%

Belgium has recorded an 11% increase in coronavirus cases over the past seven-day observation period. Between 4 and 11 July on average 95 cases were recorded on a daily basis. The figures come from the Belgian science and health institute Sciensano.

It’s the sixth day in a row that the number of cases has risen. Most new infections have been recorded in Antwerp Province, Limburg and Liege. Most infections occur among the active population (20-59 years of age).

Belgium has recorded 62,781 cases of coronavirus. In recent days there were nine hospitalisations a day on average – down 13% on the previous seven-day period.

On Monday 138 patients were in hospital with coronavirus – down 18% on the week. 23 patients were in intensive care – down 15%.

On average two deaths a day linked to coronavirus were recorded. The figure is down 66%.

9,787 people have died of COVID-19 in Belgium.

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