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Migrant evacuation from Brussels park unrelated to Grand Départ, ” Says city mayor

The final decision to evacuate a makeshift migrant camp in a park near Brussels’ Gare du Nord has nothing to do with beginning of Grand Départ weekend in the city, Brussels may or Philippe Close said on Monday.

Close was questioned by city councillors at a town meeting the time of the metropolis’s decision to clean out the migrants camping in Brussels’ Parc Maximilian just before the town is set to host the very first race of their 2019 Tour de France this weekend.

A huge selection of migrants camping at the park –that will be near one of the principal boulevards that will be utilised in the first phase of the inaugurating race– were eliminated outside by authorities during the night that the 28 into the 29 June.

The Socialist (PS) mayor said the advice was”false,” since”that the Tour de France occurs throughout your daytime and not at night,” based on the web news outlet.

‘A safe surroundings’

The migrants, many of whom had already been ordered to evacuate the town’s Gare du Nord in May, were “diverted” to social housing and displaced organisations by authorities after 90 additional areas opened in local housing centres, according to BX1.

“If the town wanted to hide these migrants, it would perhaps not have let the Tour de France to overlook the place,” Brussels councillor for sports, Écolo’s Benoît Hellings said.

Outgoing Federal Secretary for Migration,” Maggie d e Block –who organised the evacuation of Gare du Nord later months of government in action pushed transport businesses to grab from the station– said concern for transportation workers’ working conditions were one of those motives for the decision.

“Brussels is the capital,” she said on a radio app. “The drivers which go through Gare du Nord must have the ability to head to get the job done in a safe environment all through the year, regardless of the Tour’s départ,” she explained.

Close was questioned by…

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