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Minister Van der Straeten opens Belgium’s largest battery of 100 megawatt hours

Energy Minister Van der Straeten has opened the largest energy storage system in Belgium in the East Flemish region of Ruien. The battery has a capacity of 25 megawatts and a storage capacity of 100 megawatt hours.

On the site of the old coal – fired power plant – which was active until 2017-one of the first European energy storage systems with a storage duration of 4 hours has been opened by Yuso. Yuso worked for the energy storage system together with the Japanese cow and the German investment fund Aquila Capital.

Sun and wind
The Battery Park also aims to safeguard the stability of the Belgian power grid, which is increasingly exposed to fluctuations in supply and demand that go hand in hand with the increasing share of wind and solar energy.

’By 2030, the capacity of solar energy will increase by 2 times and wind energy at sea by 3,’ says Van der Straeten.

‘The more renewable energy, the more flexibility is needed. Larger battery parks will therefore play an increasingly important role in balancing the electricity grid and storing renewable energy for moments with little sun and wind.’

‘Bastogne, Deux-acre, Balen, Zeebrugge, Ostend…’, the minister continues. “It is no coincidence that the largest battery parks are being built in Belgium. Belgium is making every effort to become a leader by creating a favorable investment climate. For example, battery parks are exempt from transmission grid tariffs for 10 years and do not have to pay excise taxes for part that they bring back to the grid. It is thanks to this favourable investment climate that new battery parks are being built en masse in Belgium.’

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