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More spacious terrace rules in Belgium: until 10 pm and with four people

The Belgians may return to the terraces from 8 May – if the vaccination goes smoothly. Friday evening it was announced that the terraces will be open until 22: 00 and that four people can sit at the table.

”The outside plan can enter into force on 8 May if the vaccination campaign continues in the same way, and there is no reason to believe that this will not be the case”, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said at the press conference of the Consultation Committee.

This means that the terraces of restaurants and cafes, as planned, may reopen on 8 May. People can then sit at a table with a maximum of four. An exception is made for families with more than four members. Furthermore, the terraces must be closed at 10 pm.

There is no maximum amount per terrace. However, sufficient distance (1.5 meters) between the tables must be kept. Staff always wear a mask and visitors also wear a mask as long as they are not at a table.

In May, only test events are allowed. Outside, a maximum of 50 people can gather during organised activities.

From June, events can be organised for a maximum of 200 people. Indoor, however, only 75 percent of CIRM capacity-the protocol that takes into account the allowed density and the distance between spectators – may be taken. If an event is organised in a room with a capacity of 200 people, only 150 people are allowed.

Those present must wear a mask, remain seated and maintain social distance. There would also be a number of conditions attached to the organisation of the events, such as an 80% vaccination rate for people with comorbidity and a maximum of 500 occupied intensive care beds.

The events during the summer months of July and August did not reach agreement between the politicians and the virologists for the time being. The positions were too far apart and the figures are still too high. This decision is therefore postponed until mid-May. The aim is to review the situation at the next Conciliation Committee on 11 May.

There has also been a green light for the youth camps this summer. Just like last year, a maximum of 50 children can participate in a camp. Overnight stays are also allowed.

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