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October, December or maybe next year? Lots of announcements about corona vaccine, but what timing is realistic?

Europe expects the first doses of a corona vaccine by December. US President Donald Trump is even more optimistic and is talking about next month. In its own country, pharmaceutical agency FAMHP will push forward in March 2021. What is the most realistic timing for the long-awaited injection?

A working and safe vaccine is often put forward as the key to picking up the thread of our pre-corona life. Many people long for the proverbial light at the end of the corona tunnel. Now that many vaccines are already in the final test phase, more and more concrete data is circulating when it would also come onto the market.

The most optimistic estimate comes from US President Donald Trump. At a press conference, he argues that there will be an American vaccine next month. “The speed is unprecedented”, he says. “This could have taken two or three years, but we could have a vaccine by October.” It is important to note that this is perhaps not entirely coincidental a month before the presidential elections.

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