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Online retailer redesigns Belgian outlet for more localised look adapts its Belgian homepage to local trends and sellers. For example, it is full communion season, something that the Dutch webshop can now also respond to.

Around communions and spring festivals they make much less pooha in the Netherlands. Putting children’s bicycles, marquees or watches in the spotlight now makes no sense. In Belgium, on the other hand, it is exactly what people are looking for. How can better respond to these cultural differences? By adapting the ”shop window”, which visitors get to see first, to the country of course. from now on, highlight local trends, brands and sales partners on a new Web page only for Belgians. Anyone who visits the website with a Belgian IP address will be shown in the banner at the top of the page ‘what is buzzing in Belgium’ from today. For example, the online department store wants to give local preferences and what comes from Belgium its own stage.

Interests and traditions, such as the communion parties, are highlighted alongside Belgian traders and brands. Under the heading ‘Belgian brands’, the latter receive extra attention. But equally popular brands from abroad that are often bought by Belgian customers are given an additional category. in the meantime, he works together with 6,429 Belgian sales partners. It is only a small minority, because in total the Dutch e-commerce platform has 51,000 sales partners, who sell to 13 million Dutch and Belgian customers.

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