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Prime Minister De Croo: “If you yourself are strong, your shoulder can be the one on which others can lean”

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) calls on everyone to help each other, now that the corona crisis is rampant in our country and further strict measures are being taken. “I want to ask to take good care of each other,” he said at the press conference after the Consultation Committee, where new measures were announced.

“I know this is a particularly difficult period for many people,” said De Croo. “Older people receive fewer visits, self-employed people have to close their activity and fear that their life’s work will be jeopardized and caregivers have not yet recovered from the first wave and now they are again caught off guard.”

“To everyone who has been affected economically: we are working hard to support everyone. This is a moment of national crisis and at a moment of national crisis it is time for national solidarity. That is the guiding principle of the policy we pursue. The various governments in our country will do everything they can to assist everyone as best they can. ”

“We also want to ask you to take good care of each other. These will be difficult days, weeks and probably difficult months. From Sunday our evenings will be a bit darker again (we will switch to winter time this weekend, ed.). And so: if if you have enough strength yourself, your shoulder can be the one on which others can lean, bringing light to the difficult days of October and November. Maybe call a person who you know is struggling. Bringing the messages from the shop, making some extra time for each other. These are often small things that make a big difference. That is one way in which we show that we are one team of 11 million Belgians. ”

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