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The ban on loot boxes in Belgium is poorly enforced, according to a study.

According to a study by Leon Y Xiao, 82 percent of the 100 games in the App Store that make the most money contain some form of loot boxes. This is while it has been banned by the Gaming Commission in Belgium. More than 80 percent of games on the App Store that are suitable for players aged 12 and over are said to contain loot boxes.

According to the investigation, the situation is dire. After all, due to the ban, many consumers and parents have a “false sense of security”. According to the data from the study, this feeling of security is therefore unjustified. It also creates unfair competition between companies that comply with the law and companies that do not.

In Belgium, loot boxes are considered gambling when they can be purchased with real money and when the contents of the loot boxes are based on chance. Therefore, various games that come out in the country-such as the Fifa series – are adapted, or some games, such as Diablo Immortal, do not come out at all.

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