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The corona figures compared to the first wave: where are we today?

With 416 new corona infections last Monday, we are currently at the same level as before the March lockdown. At least as far as the number of new infections is concerned. But does that also mean that the situation is just as serious today as it was then? What exactly do the numbers tell us, and how should we interpret them? We asked biostatistician Geert Molenberghs.

Barely 4 months after the eruption of the corona epidemic in our country, we already seem to be heading for a second wave. On average, there are now 220 new infections per day. Almost doubled the numbers the week before. Last Monday we even had 416 new infections.

To find out how serious the situation is today, we add the March figures. Everyone can consult it on the interactive tool of Sciensano. In the week from 9 to 15 March, the week before the lockdown, 1,348 new infections were registered. In other words, an average of 193 infections per day. So a little less than today. On March 17, the day the lockdown was announced, 422 infections were already counted.

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