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As strictly as possible, the rest is your responsibility: this is how the police will check the new rules

Stricter measures in the fight against the corona virus also mean more – or at least different – work for the police. How will they deal with the new rules? The measures that are clear will be strict, the unions say. “But of course we cannot control what is happening behind the walls of houses,” he said. The police forces of our country are meeting this morning to see exactly how they will handle matters.

Police officers in our country are allowed to study again. Yesterday, the Consultation Committee decided to reinforce the measures in the fight against the corona virus. There will be a night clock, the catering industry will close and our social contacts will be limited. For example, we may only receive 4 people at home remotely, and everyone may have one so-called “hug contact”. How will the police check all those things?

In the Canvas program “The appointment on Friday”, Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) admitted that enforcement will not be easy. Especially for the measures concerning the limitation of social contact. “People’s responsibility has often been invoked,” said Minister Verlinden. “The virus spreads through people’s behaviors. If we don’t modify those behaviors, it will continue to spread.”

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