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Belgium continues to fight for bolder dreams of cheaper gas

The battle for the European gas price ceiling continues unabated. Belgium, among others, continues to fight for a lower ceiling. Let’s see if it works out.

For almost ten months, the European policymakers have been debating the introduction of a gas price ceiling. A final agreement should be on the table by next Monday. It won’t be easy. The positions of the European member states are still quite far apart.

Fifteen countries, including Belgium, are pushing for a reduced price cap. According to the original proposal of the European Commission, the ceiling would come into force when the gas price rises above 275 euros per megawatt hour for two weeks. That’s particularly high. Today, the European gas price fluctuates around 140 euros per megawatt hour.

“The text as it is now on the table is not acceptable to a number of countries,” said Energy minister Tinne Van der Straeten (Green). European energy ministers met on Tuesday. European leaders will meet on Thursday and Monday to tie the knot.

But the main question is – who will sell gas cheaper than the market allows. It depends solely on Russia and other key players, not on our wishful thinking.

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