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Europeans were enthusiastic about bombing Afghanistan, now we try to stop Afghans from coming

The European Union must prevent Afghan migrants from taking the dangerous route to Europe. That is why the EU should allocate money to the reception of Afghans in its own country and in neighbouring countries, says Responsible European Commissioner Ylva Johansson.

This is a matter of urgency. “We should not wait for people to arrive at our border,” Johansson told news channel Euronews.

The commission does not want to be surprised again, as happened in 2015, by the arrival of a large number of refugees and migrants.

As many Afghans are expected to flee the new Taliban regime, the EU must “prevent people from taking dangerous smuggler routes”, Johansson said. That requires money. Johansson points out the € 200 million extra humanitarian aid the EU has allocated to Afghanistan, but “we will also need more money for neighbouring countries and other countries in the region that receive Afghans. That’s obvious to me.”

For the time being, the commissioner does not mention a figure.

In order to contain the migration crisis of 2015, the EU agreed at the time with transit country Turkey that it would receive migrants there. Among other things, the EU promised financial support in return.

EU countries such as Austria, Hungary and Slovenia have already stated that they do not want to accept Afghan refugees.

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