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FIFA informed KBVB about the problems with uniform in advance

According to Belgian media, the fact that the Belgian national football team is not allowed to play in its official shirt during the World Cup has nothing to do with the fuss around the OneLove captaincy. FIFA said it had informed the Belgian Football Association that the Tomorrowland logo in the collar of the shirt was the reason for the ban.

Yesterday, after all the news about the OneLove captain’s band, it was also announced that Belgium had to stick the word ‘Love’ in the collar of the away shirt. Soon the link was made with the ban on the captaincy. According to reports from various Belgian media, this is therefore unjustified.

The fact that Tomorrowland is not an official sponsor of FIFA would be the reason for the ban, the Belgian Confederation (KBVB) told Sporza. The logo of the festival is incorporated in the word ‘Love’ in the collar. According to the world football association, this would be advertising for a party that is not a partner of FIFA.

Team has been informed for weeks

The KBVB would have been informed of the objection of FIFA a few weeks ago. The solution to stick the logo was also thought out before the tournament.

According to FIFA, the shirts in which the Belgian footballers would perform the warm-up also contain sneaky advertising for the festival. These are also banned by the league. By the way, the colourful warm-up shirt does not show a direct link to Tomorrowland.

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