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‘Greta’ tax will make 5 to 14 billion for the EU states but it’s you who will ultimately pay the bill

Plenary session week 22 in Brussels.

The European Union must make exporters from countries that are not so keen on the climate pay an import levy. That is what the European Parliament suggests.

Such a tax, to which the EU countries have yet to agree, should prevent them from competing away from European companies. These could be replaced by countries that require less effort from them in the “fight against climate change”. This does not cut greenhouse gases, but it does cost the EU jobs.

The ‘carbon limit tax ‘ should apply to products for which European companies have to buy emission allowances. This includes, for example, the energy-consuming manufacture of steel and aluminium, plastics and chemicals.

It is estimated that the new tax, which Parliament’s European Commission will have to design in such a way that the World Trade Organisation does not see protectionism in it, would yield between EUR 5 and 14 billion per year.

The CDA members in the European Parliament are pleased that “we finally have a tool in our hands that helps to create a level playing field for companies and to tax CO2 emissions worldwide. This ultimately benefits everyone”, says MEP Esther De Lange.

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