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Intel suspends operations in Russia

Chip manufacturer Intel has decided to suspend all activities in Russia due to the war with Ukraine. At first, the company already decided to stop supplying Russia and Belarus. Intel employs 1200 people in Russia.

This is what the company writes in a news release. Intel says it is doing everything it can to speak out against the war Russia is waging with Ukraine. Therefore, it decided to immediately suspend all activities in Russia. Intel employs 1200 people in Russia. What will happen to them, Intel does not say, but it does say that it is doing its best to help all its “employees through this difficult time,” including the employees in Russia. Also, it has taken measures to ensure that stopping in Russia has minimal impact on global service provision.

In early March, Intel already announced that it stopped supplying products to Russia and Belarus due to the war. Also, the company launched a donation campaign for trials of the war. AMD also stopped supplying Russia and Belarus. In February, several chipmakers said that the war in Ukraine would not lead to additional chip shortages.

Intel is not the first to stop work in Russia. On Monday, game publisher Wargaming announced that it would leave Russia and Belarus and earlier Apple, Google and Spotify, among others, would also stop in Russia, Microsoft, LG, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, and Samsung, among others, would stop sales in Russia and Amazon would no longer take on new AWS customers from Russia and Belarus.

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