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Kenes Rakishev


Kenes Rakishev and the most surprising acquisition of 2023

Kenes Rakishev

When Kenes Rakishev initiated the launch of Oxus SPAC – a special purpose acquisition company designed to acquire companies and take them public on the American stock market, analysts were abuzz with speculation about his investment focus. Known for his wide-ranging interests in robotics, battery technologies, communications, and innovations, Kenes Rakishev’s choice caught everyone by surprise as he ventured into an incredibly unexpected sector: the food industry.

Kenes Rakishev made a remarkable move by taking the company Borealis Foods public. This company has gained renown for its commitment to producing environmentally friendly and trendsetting products. However, Rakishev’s ambitious plans for further growth didn’t stop there. To propel Borealis Foods to new heights, he sought the partnership of none other than the world-class culinary luminary, Gordon Ramsay.

This unexpected collaboration is a testament to Kenes Rakishev’s strategic vision and his willingness to explore uncharted territories. The infusion of Gordon Ramsay’s culinary expertise into Borealis Foods promises to blend innovation, sustainability, and gastronomic excellence in ways that could reshape the food industry landscape.

Borealis Foods, a pioneering force in food technology innovations and the creative force behind beloved brands such as Chef Woo and Ramen Express, has made waves with its latest announcement: the enlistment of Gordon Ramsay, a world-renowned Michelin-starred chef and global business titan, as a consultant and esteemed brand ambassador.

The resonance of this partnership reverberates through the industry, as Reza Soltandez, the visionary founder and CEO of Borealis, expressed his excitement, stating,

With open arms, we welcome Gordon Ramsay as a strategic collaborator and advisor, infusing his culinary mastery, strategic acumen, and worldwide renown to propel us toward our ambitions.

Soltandez underlines how Ramsay’s involvement is set to fortify their mission of tackling the intricate challenge of ensuring accessible, wholesome, protein-enriched meals for the many individuals navigating this issue in the United States and beyond.

Amidst this culinary excitement, Kenes Rakishev, a distinguished Kazakhstani entrepreneur with a remarkable track record of investing in high-tech startups, emerges as a pivotal figure. His establishment of Oxus Acquisition Corp. marks a new epoch for Borealis Foods. By the culmination of February, the strides made by Oxus Acquisition Corp. culminated in a transformative business consolidation accord. The aftermath of this deal will see the combined entity retaining the revered title of Borealis Foods Inc. Leading the company post-transaction, a dynamic duo will emerge—Reza Soltandez, the CEO and co-founder of Borealis, along with the astute Barthélémy Helg, Chairman and co-founder.

The strategic significance of this agreement, valued at an impressive $150 million, was endorsed by both the governing bodies of Borealis and Oxus. As this conglomerate embarks on a new trajectory, the industry waits in anticipation to witness the confluence of culinary innovation, cutting-edge technology, and astute business acumen that this union is poised to deliver.

Gordon Ramsay shared his thoughts on the collaboration, remarking, “Amidst the ongoing challenges posed by escalating living costs and the global surge in food prices, the matter of food security takes on greater urgency. My conversations with Reza illuminated our shared perspective on the significance of furnishing accessible, nourishing, and delectable offerings. With a tapestry of exciting concepts already brewing, I’m eagerly anticipating the collaboration with Borealis Foods’ team, especially in enhancing their Chef Woo range in the forthcoming months.”

Chef Woo Ramen: A Journey of Nutritional Accessibility

Chef Woo flagship product.

Chef Woo flagship product.

Chef Woo Ramen, a brainchild of Borealis Foods’ subsidiary Palmetto Gourmet Foods, was conceived with the noble mission of rendering wholesome, budget-friendly, and convenient meals to those who grapple with limited nutritional access. Boasting the distinction of being the world’s inaugural plant-based ramen noodles, Chef Woo Ramen delivers a substantial 20 grams of complete protein per portion.

Borealis Foods Inc. remains steadfastly devoted to the development of exceptionally nutritious and pragmatic culinary innovations that are economically viable and ecologically responsible. This steadfast commitment resonates harmoniously with Borealis Foods’ overarching objectives, which are poised to leave a positive imprint on both human lives and the ecosystem.

This strategic alliance with Gordon Ramsay is set to empower Borealis Foods Inc. to scale unparalleled heights and amplify its production capacities, all the while retaining its position as a trailblazing purveyor of premium-grade food products.

Borealis Foods and the trailblazing Oxus Acquisition Corp. are charting their course towards becoming publicly-listed entities on Nasdaq, a milestone they anticipate achieving by the close of 2023.

Kenes Rakishev social input and philanthropic activity

In 2012, during the World Rapid Chess Championship held in Astana, led by Rakishev, SAT & Company took on the role of the main sponsor.

In December 2014, he assumed the position of the head of the development council for youth entrepreneurship at the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan.

Kenes Rakishev is an avid supporter of the charitable foundation “Saby.” The foundation was co-founded by his spouse, Aselle Tasmagambetova. The foundation’s efforts have included granting scholarships to talented students in Kazakhstan, aiding over 300,000 individuals in medical treatment, providing specially-equipped taxis for people with disabilities, and financing the construction of sports facilities, playgrounds, and gymnasiums.

Saby charity project.

Since 2013, with the backing of businessmen Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim, the “Saby” foundation annually holds the “Build Your Business” competition for young entrepreneurs. Winners of the competition receive financial support in the form of grants for business development. Within the first 5 years, 41 projects were awarded grants totaling over $1 million.

In 2017, the “Saby” foundation financed the construction of a private school named after Chokan Valikhanov in Almaty. The project received investments exceeding 6 billion tenge.

In December 2018, Kenes Rakishev was elected as the Vice-President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation in charge of international relations. Since 2019, he has been serving as the President of the federation. In 2021, at the Asian Women’s Boxing Championship, the Kazakhstan women’s team secured 8 out of 10 gold medals. Kenes Rakishev established an additional prize fund for the winners and prize-winners of this championship, equivalent to the prizes paid by AIBA.

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