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Volodymyr Nosov, WhiteBIT CEO


“Many years ago I gave myself a simple directive: you have to work hard”: Volodymyr Nosov, WhiteBIT CEO shared his life principles

Volodymyr Nosov, WhiteBIT CEO

What life principles should a self-made man be guided by in order to build a multi-million dollar business, become a leader in the global crypto market and successfully conquer countries and continents? Volodymyr Nosov, the head of Europe’s largest crypto-exchange WhiteBIT, states in the following interview.

My parents are common people, one might say poor people. They did not have the opportunity to give me some prestigious, expensive education. Therefore, 17 years ago, I gave myself a simple statement: Vova, you have to work hard. And when I hear about burnout, I want to laugh”, – says Volodymyr Nosov.

However, he admits that sometimes he feels “the oppression of what is happening”: he works 20 hours a day. Such intensity of work processes cannot but exhaust.

I try not to brag, but many people see a rosy picture of success. Cars, trips, clothes – an external component, But in fact it is hell, where there are two or three flights a day, constantly new locations and contacts with different people, not always pleasant. At the same time, you need to be smiling all the time, charging, powerful energetically, you need to create. It’s not easy. But by no means do I call it burnout, I do not allow myself to say – dude, you are burnt out. maybe”, – Volodymyr Nosov says.

At the same time, the main thing among the tools that allow you to “stay afloat”, the crypto businessman called humour!

In many situations around me, first of all, I see the funny. Someone is loading down, someone gives a new meaning or leaves for Tibet, and I’m laughing”. It allows me to bring down the degree of emotional fatigue”, – he says.

Nosov calls books his main teachers, stating that it is impossible to repeat someone’s success in small things.

Fiction is the experience of thousands of people, which is transformed into a concise narrative. This is a treasure trove of information”, – he said.

The millionaire predicts that the further development of blockchain technologies will inevitably lead to revolutionary changes in the paradigm of the world order. He recommends understanding what blockchain is, because soon a new reality will come to everyone’s house.

I want to ask people to open their eyes and realize that a huge industry has formed behind them. An absolutely understandable replacement for all those familiar, well-established tools with which they still live and interact. This is already a reality that is on the threshold, but no one talks about it. Therefore, in order not to be left out of work, I would recommend understanding what a blockchain is. Not out of speculative interest, but from the point of view of technology that has come into the world and will soon change it beyond recognition”, – Volodymyr Nosov says.

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