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Moderna is increasing the production capacities to meet the goals

Moderna Pharmaceutical increases the minimum production of its vaccine for this year. The company now claims to make at least 600 million doses in 2021, 100 million doses more than Moderna previously expected to make sure. The company claims that it is still in the process of expanding production to the target of 1 billion doses.

Moderna has so far supplied 18 million doses to the United States. The U.S. government has issued an order of 200 million doses of the vaccine. Canada has already ordered 40 million doses and the European Union has ordered 80 million doses, although the vaccine has not yet been officially approved here.

That approval could follow Monday night. The European Medicines Agency (EEA) pharmaceutical evaluation committee will then discuss the safety and functioning of the Moderna vaccine. The Netherlands is expected to receive 6.2 million of the doses ordered by the EU.

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