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Northern Europe sinks while the Southern Europe burns

The danger of flooding in Belgium has not yet disappeared, and London was also hit by heavy rainfall last weekend. In southern Europe, forest fires are the cause of concern.

The Belgian emergency services had their hands full last weekend with the consequences of the heavy rainfall. Today it was the cities of Namur and Dinant in the south of Wallonia that were hit hardest by the storms. Reports of fatalities are not yet available, but the damage caused by mudslides and collapses is considerable. The mayor of Namur said that the situation in his city this weekend is even ‘worse’ than a week ago in Liège.

A wall had collapsed near the casino in the provincial capital due to heavy rainfall. Several homes had to be evacuated. The danger is not over yet: severe weather is forecast for the coming days as well.

On the other side of the canal, heavy rainfall also flooded parts of London. Metro stations were flooded with rainwater. Major thoroughfares in and around the capital of the United Kingdom were impassable by the deep lakes.

In just a few hours, the London Fire Department received 300 flood-related calls yesterday, reports The Guardian. In some places the water was so high that cars were flooded up to the roof, can be seen on images from British media.

In southern Europe, both the Italian island of Sardinia and the south of France are currently experiencing major forest fires. The EU has sent four fire-fighting aircraft to Sardinia to help combat the forest fires in the west of the island. Dogs people have been evacuated this weekend because of the conflagration, which according to local media has swallowed up many square kilometers of farmland and livestock besides houses. In France, the area is close between Narbonne and Carcassonne. So far, about 8.5 square kilometers have gone up in flames.

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