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Poland and Hungary are about to veto EU budget

Plenary session week 22 in Brussels.

The European Union is heading for a new crisis as Hungary and Poland exercise their right of Veto and block the European Union’s budget. The two countries consider it unacceptable that, in future, receiving European subsidies should be linked to respect for the rule of law.

If Poland and Hungary stand firm, there will be no EU budget on 1 January. The Union will then be dependent on an emergency budget of about a third of the normal budget and the EUR 750 billion Coronation package will not be implemented at all.

Should the European Union again be talking to Poland and Hungary in an attempt to work it out together? Or is the measure complete and must the European Union insist on the rule of law at all costs? Nobody can answer it for sure, but it’s obvious that there will be a rift in opinions.

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