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The inner rebellion in European People’s party: MEPs would like to expel Tamás Deutsch

Some 30 Christian-Democratic MEPs want to get rid of a Hungarian group member who compared their group leader to the Gestapo. They are asking their group to expel Tamás Deutsch from Fidesz, the party of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Deutsch, like Orbán, strongly opposes the idea that member states should rely on the rule of law to pay out EU money. The fact that his group members of the European People’s party (EPP) support this policy reminds him of the oppression by the Nazis and the communists, he repeated once again.

The Austrian MEP Othmar Karas and 29 supporters from Germany, Poland and Ireland, among others, write this down. They saw, with growing discontent and impatience, Deutsch “radicalized and verbally overstepped”. Now he must ‘no longer undermine the credibility of the PPE-de’. The group must consider the exclusion of the Hungarian people next week.

The EPP has been in her stomach for a long time with the Hungarian narrow section. The GROUP has Fidesz is suspended, but the German christian-democrats to hold a real break at. On Sunday another prominent Hungarian EPP ‘ stepped on after he was caught with ecstasy at a sex party. The police came in after complaints about noise and found a much larger group of people than is permitted under the Belgian Coronas regulations.

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