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The passenger traffic fall to 1984 level, Fraport reports

The number of passengers at Frankfurt Airport has declined sharply due to the coronavirus crisis. According to airport operator Fraport, last year the number of passengers using the airport fell by almost three-quarters to 18.8 million. This brings the number of travellers to the 1984 level.

Between April and June traffic at the largest airport in Germany almost completely stopped. The weekly passenger numbers fell by 98 percent. Following a slight recovery in the third quarter, the sharp increase in the number of viral infections resulted in tighter travel restrictions. As a result, the number of passengers fell sharply from September onwards.

Flight movements decreased by almost 59 percent on an annual basis to 212.235 take-offs and landings by 2020. The airport believes that the situation will improve again from the spring. But it is only in the second half of this year that the flow of passengers will be noticeable. For the whole of 2021, Fraport accounts for between 35% and 45% of the number of passengers using the airport in 2019.

The image in Frankfurt is similar to that of many airports. For example, the number of passengers processed by Schiphol in 2020 fell by 71% to 20.9 million.

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