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This year coal power stations will continue operation

Closing a coal-fired power station this year cannot be done without warning, says outgoing Minister Blok for Economic Affairs and Climate Change. “We need to keep the power coming out of the socket. And we’re a resigning cabinet. This is on the formation table and is on the new cabinet.”

Furthermore, Blok says that the government cannot unilaterally decide that a company should stop its activities. “It has to be done within the limits of the law.”

He responds to the call of D66, GroenLinks and PvdA to quickly close a power station to comply with the Urgenda ruling. They call it a quick and relatively cheap solution to deal with greenhouse gas emissions.

VVD and CDA in the House of Representatives also do not agree with the proposal of the three parties.

CDA MP Bontebal: “early closure will cost several hundred million euros. Could we not spend that money better, such as insulating homes and greening industry?”

The CDA Member of Parliament says that in the event of a closure the Netherlands will have to buy electricity, which will probably come from German coal and gas power stations. The proposal is symbolic politics, says VVD member of Parliament Erkens.

“If we do this, we are importing dirty German lignite stream. The climate will not benefit from this.”

On Wednesday, the chamber will debate climate policy again. This also concerns the claims made by energy companies to the cabinet as compensation for the closure of their coal-fired power plants in 2030.

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