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Ruslan Vitryanyuk


West-oriented creative intelligentsia Ruslan Vitryanyuk activates work within the Russian Federation

Ruslan Vitryanyuk

About a month ago, fresh references appeared in the Russian press about the activities of an American director of Russian origin, Ruslan Vitryanyuk. News about his return to Ulyanovsk and how he, upon arrival, immediately held a meeting with the previous Russian Minister of Health, Pavel Degtyarev, which went by practically unnoticed.

However, taking into account the presence of strong American ties of Vitryanyuk and other sufficiently significant factors, it can be stated that his return to the homeland has some political background.

Ruslan Vitryanyuk – Producer, film director, actor, member of the guild of producers of Russia and a member of the guild of producers of Ukraine. He is also the founder and president of the Los Angeles company Golden Bridge Entertainment. Vitryanyuk lost his sight due to health problems, but continues to lead an active professional work.

In 2022, as a producer, for example, he finished work on another American movie “Attack on Rio Bravo” made by Hollywood Storm, ETA Films. At the same time, he happens to be the author of a number of informational and social projects, one of which is called “Unbroken”. At first glance, it seems coincidental, the complete similarity of this project name with the way Ukrainians call themselves after the start of the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine. However, it is no coincidence here.

As a member of the guild of producers of Ukraine, Vitryanyuk has been supporting his Ukrainian film colleagues for many years, promoting their creative work and projects in the Western markets, introducing them to influential American partners, among other things.

After the start of the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine, realizing the importance of reporting to the Western audience the true information about Kremlin aggression against the Ukrainian society, Vitryanyuk, was one of the first to extend a helping hand, and continues to assist Ukrainian and European directors in promoting their cultural and information products about the war.

However, despite his main filmmaker’s profile, Vitryanyuk was always interested in politics too. He, for example, is a postgraduate of political sciences, and in the early 2000s, became the author of the dissertation on the theme of : “The national interests of modern Russia in international relations: a political and psychological aspect.”

Even then Vitryanyuk directly wrote that “often, government interests oppose the national and public interests of citizens”.

In this way, he emphasized that the aspirations of Russian officials in power, presented as alleged vectors of global national politics, in reality of the situation in Russia, coincides little with the real national interest of its people.

In his scientific works, Vitryanyuk noted that part of Russian society does not see its future in the Russian Federation at all.

“This is not only a consequence of some historical state or offense for the past, but also disagreement with the current politics of the central government, because it does not yet optimally express the interests of society in all their diversity,” he wrote.

All these political views of Vitryanyuk, are even today, clearly reflected in his position and are seen, through the people with whom he upholds intimate connections in Russia.

Among them – the colleague Ruslana Vitryanyuk, a famous television journalist, the author of the program on the opposition TV channel “Rain” (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation).

Zakhar Prilepin. The latter is currently one of the leaders of the newly formed political party in Russia “Russia is fair – Patriots – for the truth.”

The birth of this unified political force occurred a year before the start of Russian aggression against Ukraine. And at the height of hostilities, the party carefully sends messages about the imperativeness of renewing the government in the Russian Federation, starting with cities and regions.

Prilepin is the party’s key figure. The party itself is most busy promoting his recognition, including advertising his personal telegram-channels.

The return of Ruslan Vitryanyuk from America to Russia after many years, is far from a coincidence. In parallel with his active creative work, Vitryanyuk activated his hidden political activity precisely during his disagreement with the politics of Russia’s current authorities in relation to Ukraine, which led his native country to its international isolation.

In 2022, after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Ruslan Vitryanyuk never announced support of the Kremlin policy. He demonstratively remains a member of the Guild of Producer of Ukraine. Moreover, as a person who has gone through a lot of life’s trials, who has lost sight and, as he himself says, has acquired strong-spiritedness and love, he believes that good should triumph over evil. That is why Vitryanyuk is very compassionate towards the Ukrainian people who have faced unjustified cruelty and terrorism from the higher-ranking members of the Kremlin. He continues to support Ukraine by all resources and connections available to him.

His daughters, with whom he constantly communicates, live in America, with with their mother and stepfather. And the son of Vitryanyuk lived in France and Spain, where he became a figure skating champion. themselves. However, it is no coincidence.

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