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89-year-old Roger makes it very quiet with testimony about life in a retirement home: “People die from loneliness here”

89-year-old Roger Lybaert has denounced in a letter that the elderly in our society are victims of the corona measures. “What is happening today with the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic and in the guise of our mental and physical well-being is a fallacy to remove people eighty and older from society,” Lybaert wrote in Knack.

In “The Agreement”, the nursing home resident repeats that he feels that he has been deprived of his freedom. “People over 80 years of age from the residential care centers are not heard. This is the first time that a resident of a residential care center has the floor”, says Lybaert in “The appointment”.

“My wife and I lived there well until the outbreak of the corona crisis. Then the door was locked, but it was too late. There are several people who got corona. Among the carers and nurses there are people who brought in the virus. I also had corona. I did not die and did not intend to die. 22 people died in our residential care center. The main cause of people dying in a residential care center is loneliness. ”

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