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After several incidents: is aggression against cyclists increasing? “A good cyclist is a dead cyclist”

In recent days, there have been a few incidents in Brussels where cyclists had to deal with aggressive car drivers. That reports the Brussels regional broadcaster Bruzz. According to cycling organizations, violence against cyclists is increasingly common. There is even a Facebook page with various hate messages: “A good cyclist is a dead cyclist”, “I ride cyclists and only get out to check whether they are really in pain”.

“Heroes for Zero”, an organization dedicated to road safety in Brussels, is accusing online hatred of cyclists on social media. The organization has taken screenshots in a Brussels Facebook group, in which various users express themselves very aggressively towards cyclists.

“In these Facebook groups you see different comments:” Why is there no blood on the cycle path? “,” A good cyclist is a dead cyclist “,” if I hit someone, I make sure I finish the job “, … Such statements are alarming. We are afraid that it lends legitimacy to aggression in the real world, “said Pieter Fannes of Heroes for Zero.

The administrator of the Facebook page on which the hateful comments were found says that his page has 16,000 members and it is impossible to moderate all comments. But hatred and aggression have no place on his page, according to the administrator.

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