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Brussels airport has tripled the passenger flow, yet is far away from 2019 levels

In May, Brussels Airport received 1.7 million passengers, an increase of 319% compared to May 2021 and 74% of the passenger volume in May 2019 (before the Covid crisis). This is again the best monthly result since the start of the crisis in March 2020.

No less than 1,697,334 passengers travelled via Brussels Airport in May. Compared to May 2019, this still means a decrease of 26%, but it is an increase of 319% compared to May 2021. This is again the best monthly result since the start of the crisis in March 2020. Since the start of this year, passenger numbers have been increasing month after month. The growth that we also saw in the month of april continues and in the second half of the month of May the long Ascension weekend and the lead-up to the long Pentecost weekend also had a positive impact on passenger figures. The number of departing transfer passengers is 13% and is 8 percentage points lower than in 2019 due to the stronger recovery in local traffic and a decrease in the number of transfer passengers between European destinations.

The ten most popular countries in the month of May were Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. For Turkey, the passenger figures are even higher than in 2019, Spain, Italy and Greece can already record good results (+80% from 2019). The top ten destinations in May were Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Lisbon, Malaga, Milan, Istanbul, London, Geneva and Frankfurt.

The total number of flight movements in May 2022 increased by 134% compared to 2021, to 16,428 flight movements (compared to 21,055 in 2019). The number of passenger flights increased by 244% compared to 2021 and amounts to 72% of the number of passenger flights in May 2019. The average number of passengers per flight was 129, compared to 125 in 2019. The occupancy rate of the flights thus continues to rise.

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