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Compulsory education from 5 years of age, more dual study opportunities and the fight against corona: new rules for this academic year

Today, approximately 1.2 million children and 170,000 teachers and staff go back to school. Due to the corona virus, the start of the school year looks quite different from what we are used to. But there are also a number of important novelties apart from corona.

Corona measures

In mid-August, it was decided that in the first week of the school year (from 1 to 4 September) the so-called yellow code is in force, a color code that indicates how strong the corona epidemic is in our country. Code yellow means that in that first week all students can go to school full-time. But students, teachers and staff must adhere to a number of rules.

Primary education:

Adults should wear a mouth mask in the presence of other adults. Teachers should keep their distance from the students or wear a face mask if they cannot maintain sufficient distance.
Classrooms should be sufficiently ventilated several times a day.
Furthermore – under code yellow – there are not that many restrictions. For example, classes are allowed to mingle during recess and activities outside the school are allowed. The students should also not keep their distance from each other.

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