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For whom, when and how much exactly? Everything you wonder about that minimum pension of 1,500 euros

Since Wednesday morning, it has been buzzing about the promise of the new federal government: a minimum pension of 1,500 euros. But is that gross or net? And when will you receive that amount? Five simple questions and answers.

Crucial there is the wording of the coalition agreement. That literally speaks of “towards 1,500 euros net”. Translated: we try to land as close as possible. How much it will be exactly, there is less clarity about that.

For example, MR chairman Georges-Louis Bouchez spoke yesterday of 1,580 euros gross, which could mean a net minimum pension of around 1,450 euros. SP.A chairman Conner Rousseau has not contradicted that figure in recent days. If you only rely on the sum of 1.2 billion euros that the government is making available for the pension reform, it will not be much higher.

By way of comparison: today a single employee with a full career of 45 years receives a minimum pension of 1,291.69 euros (gross for that amount is equal to net, ed.). For a single civil servant, this is 1,392.95 gross euros per month.

“There will be no tomorrow”, Rousseau emphasized in “Today” on One. The government has not yet specified when. In any case, the coalition agreement mentions a “gradual” increase.

The various government parties indicate that they must be close to that target of 1,500 euros net by the end of the government period – the end of 2024.

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