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Go on a blind date in Brussels and discover the city at the same time!

Go on a blind date in Brussels and discover the city at the same time!

Brussels association of city guides Bazaar Trottoir has now also started to
organise blind dates.  Together with a ‘Blind
Bot’ singles trek through Brussels in twos or fours. 

Thanks to
the virtual chatbot developed by Valerie De Ketelaere singles are also able to
discover more about the Belgian and Flemish capital as well as about each

The first
blind date session in the company of a virtual city guide was launched on
Wednesday.  Valerie developed the virtual
city guide during the first lockdown.

“I had no
experience of the dating sector.  I just
noticed there were so many singles among my friends.  I feel this is also a fun way to discover
Brussels in a different way.  People
often have the wrong idea about the capital. 
Personally, I feel that setting that right is more important than
getting two people to link up”.

was the first guinea pig and she set out with Jochem. 

Charlotte has
participated in many Bazaar Trottoir activities and knows Brussels well, but
Jochem doesn’t.  “It’s my first time on a
blind date.  It feels a little strange.  But the virtual guide will help break the
ice.  I hope to get to know Brussels a
little better and meet somebody new at the same time” says Jochem.

can’t wait: “I think it’s an interesting concept and it’s very relaxed.”

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