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‘I’m at a loss’:” Brussels grocer hit by Third Party armed robbery in Just Four months

Whoever owns a Louis Delhaize shop in Brussels was struck by a third armed-robbery in four weeks and has confessed to being contested as the assailants, that suspects are always exactly the same, may actually possess again resisted the authorities, according to reports on Thursday.

“I’m at a loss, I’ve lost half my own clientele,” owner Amir Ali Zohrevand said, adding that after the last moment his shop on the Quai des Péniches was robbed on June 29, he came to believe the robbers had were able to master his regular routine.

“The last time, they certainly were even waiting for me from behind a wallsocket. They definitely knew that my rituals,” Zohrevand told Bruzz.

Inspite of the undeniable fact that his shop has surveillance cameras also located at the bottom amount of a residential tower in Tour & Taxis, Zohrevand, who’s forced to close down shop after every theft,” said authorities hadn’t been able to recognize the burglars.

“I’ve 1 2 cameras within my shop and yet each time the authorities say they can’t do such a thing,” he explained. “The last time that they even said that my store is in a poor location — but how is that possible, right close to this UP-Site residential tower?”

Precisely the same robbers

The shop had been robbed before on two separate occasions — both in precisely the same monthone on March 7 and one other around the 24th, the public prosecutor affirmed to Bruzz.

“They come with firearms and huge knives and I’m beaten every moment,” the shop owner said, adding that he believed it was always the exact robbers who maintained targeting his shop.

“From the next prosecution, my cousin was present and we both got defeated — I remember those faces.”

A spokesperson for the Bruxelles-Ixelles authorities station supported the robberies to Bruzz and stated that the surveillance footage would be studied.

The general public prosecutor in Brussels is also looking into the thefts and also attempting to detect the suspects, according to spokesperson Stephanie Lagasse who was still unable to verify whether there was any connection between both robberies.

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